Scottish Radical Library Meet-up


The Radical Library monthly meet is free & open to all on the 2nd Thursday of every month: March 9th at 6pm. Free tea/coffee & snacks available.

The Scottish Radical Library is an archive housing hundreds of original and rare books, periodicals, fanzines about anarchist, feminist, autonomous and communist literature, theories and practices. Based at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh in West Montgomery Place it hosts the catalogue of the centre and several groups and initiatives of autonomous and revolutionary organising from Edinburgh and covering international groups. Together with the library we also take care of a small info shop where we regularly order and sell books from radical publishers and authors to support radical writers and editorial projects.

The Radical Library monthly meet is free & open to all – 2nd Thursday of every month. Free tea/coffee & snacks available. Come along & read the books, magazines & pamphlets or just chat & hang out. Plus ACE is open for borrowing books from the SRL, the Info Shop, Chiapas solidarity merchandise, computer & broadband access, herbal library etc.

Help us with the Working Session of the SRL sorting out, cataloguing & displaying the books, pamphlets, magazines & newsletters in the collection.

We ask that all people who attend read and abide by the following safer spaces policy:


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