Reading Subversive Tintin

Thanks to a recent donation of books and magazines, from Bob & Lou, our library has expanded once again. It’s a great mix from classics to new publications and from Emma Goldman to Pussy Riot taking in the Spanish revolution and the subversive adventures of Tintin along the way!

The group sorted through them all during our monthly meeting where we discussed the possibility of creating a temporary exhibition based around a selection of books, posters and documents from our archives. It can be hard to wade through the full wealth of our library, so it seems a good idea to break it down. Hopefully it’ll get people interested in a topic or book they’d never thought of before.

There’s an ACE open day coming up soon on the 10 September, which would give the SRL the perfect opportunity to promote our books in a fun and exciting way. If anyone has any interesting ideas then get in touch. Alternatively, come along on the day and check out the library, the space and the other groups that are based here.