Radical Posters from the Archive

ACE, the centre where the Scottish Radical Library is based, has amassed an extraordinary collection of material over the decades. One particularly exciting group of documents are our “Protest Posters”, many from all over the world. There’s something exciting and immediate about a good poster. It hits you right between the eyes and provokes a reaction – either attraction or repulsion.

Thanks to some pretty dedicated volunteers, we’ve now begun to digitise our poster collection bit by bit, alongside the SRL digital project to get our books, pamphlets, magazines and journals online in a searchable catalogue. The hope is anyone interested can browse the posters either for their own interest or to help researchers in whatever project they’re working on.

The first batch posted represent a selection of Anarchist, Anti-militarist and Environmental groups covering the 1970s up to the 2000s. Check our new ‘Gallery’ page for current images and updates.