New Donation from AK Press

SRL is delighted to announce a fresh batch of donations to our growing library. Last Thursday at our monthly open meeting we got a large donation from AK Press – one of the publishers here in Edinburgh we’re proud to support and recommend.

As you can see from the above photo, there’s a broad mix of subjects from the Anarchism of Jean Grave to the poverty and urbanisation witnessed in the London of the nineties.

If you’d like to borrow any of these books they’re available now and should be in our online catalogue very soon. Again we’d just like to say thank you to AK Press for their donation, thank you to all who have donated anything over the years and a big thank you to all the volunteers helping with the library and keeping our resources open to the public.

New Titles:

Obsolete Communism The Left Wing Alternative – Daniel & Gabriel Cohn-Bendit

Killing Hope US Military & CIA Interventions Since WWII – William Blum

Dreams of Freedom: A Ricardo Flores Magon Reader

We are an image from the future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008

Sexual Fascism – Garry Otton

The People as Enemy: The Leaders’ Hidden Agenda in WWII – John Spritzler

Decentralizing Power: Paul Goodman’s Social Criticism – Taylor Stroehr

Bridge of Courage – Jennifer Harbury

Faith in Faithlessness: An Anthology of Atheism – Dimitrios Roussopoulos

Legacy to Liberation; Politics & Culture of Revolutionary Asian-pacific America – Fred Ho et al (Editor)

The Anarchist Papers – Dimitrios Roussopoulos (Editor)

Economy & Society – Fikret Adaman & Pat Devine

Since Predator Came: Notes from the Struggle for American Indian LIberation – Ward Churchill

Housing Benefit Hill & Other Places –  C.J. Stone

Life During Wartime Resisting Counterinsurgency – Kristian Williams & Lara Messersmith-Glavin

The Anarchism of Jean Grave – Louis Potsouras

Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel – Nunzio Pernicone

The Rigged Game – John Hively

The Triumph of Ignorance and Bliss: Pathologies of Public America – James Polk

One God: The Political & Moral Philosophy of Western Civilisation – Ernesto Lorca