Leith Festival of the Dead

Inspired by the recent untimely and tragic death of Jace C Thompson and numerous other creative friends. Festival of the Dead’ on the 18th and 19th of August 2018 in Leith. Basing itself loosely on the Mexican Day of the Dead, the idea is to celebrate the life of various friends and show case their work. This will be a celebration, and also an attempt to highlight the plight of Leith due to gentrification, which threaten the area so many of us have close ties to. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the 20+ years of activities of the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh in it`s current premises and it `s connection with working class creativity and communities in Leith.


17.00 Exhibition of artwork by Jace C Thompson + Workshops / decorations/ with Rachel Burney, Carolyn Young and Rebel Radical DIY. Additional décor by Emma Westwater (Source Design) (family friendly session)

17.00-18.00 DJ Set + Live music by The Range of the Awful Hand’ playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klwuR4jMD5c

18.00 till close… Open Mic: Poetry and Music readings for and from Sandie Craigie, Paul Reekie, Jace C. Thompson, John Doe, Kyle Vine, Ian Heaven (spunk press) and more. Readings by Kevin Williamson and others

We’ll be playing tracks, reading, showing art, and celebrating quite a few Leith faces. starting from John Doe, a musician who was known in many music communities from punk to rave scenes and was the feature of many good chats on sofas at after parties in Leith. We`ll aim to recreate these atmospheres, with a music selections, archival documentations and screenings.



17.00 Leith Beyond Gentrification: working class creativity and resistance.

This talk will explore some of the history of autonomous working class struggle in Leith, starting from the Broughton Street Unemployed Centre Occupation and the creation of the Autonomous Centre in 1997. Drawing from the booklet Up Against the State. The Battle of Broughton Street we wish to read the current gentrification of Leith as an assault on working class organising power.

with Scottish Radical Library, Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty, Living Rent & Save Leith Walk Campaign

18.00 Screenings Urban Decay / Self Organisation curated by Sacha Kahir

19.00 Rodney Relax poetry reading and visuals and poems for Jace and John Doe

Misrepresented, poetry and visuals.

Rodney Relax was born in St.Andrews, Fife, and has been based in Edinburgh since 1992. Rodney was a member of the Scottish Anarcho-Punk band Alternative http://www.bigmeathammer.com/alternative.htm. He set up THE YELLOW CAFE (1994-2007) a forum for artists, filmmakers and poets of local and international standing. His first collection of poetry ‘CUBITT: IF CUBITT KNEW’ was published on WHIRPOOL PRESS in Sept’ 2011. He also runs a small press: DARK MATTER.

Miss Represented is an Edinburgh based creative producing music and erotica using the mediums of poetry, electronic music and video to re-represent the ways in which we are misrepresented both by ourselves and by others, including: our governments, both left and right, governing bodies, corporations, and the media. Topics covered include: sexuality, micro to macro inter and inter-personal relations, politics, corruptions, addition, love and the habits we cannot help but form. These are constructed into contemporary ballads with a dark fairy tale twist or erotic video pieces, reflected through a dark mirror.


ACCESSIBILITY: The Autonomous Centre has level access throughout. The toilet is wheelchair accessible, with one additional bar for support. Doorways are all a ‘standard’ size, so may not fit larger powerchairs. The venue is not fitted with a hearing loop and we do not have access to BSL interpretors for the event. If you have any other requirements or questions please do get in touch.

We ask that all people who attend read and abide by the following safer spaces policy: http://autonomous.org.uk/safer-spaces-policy/