Zines from our collection

Many people don’t realise that the SRL has a large collection of zines in its collection. From amateur one off’s to more sophisticated, but still radical, serials they are a fascinating and exciting collection to have. They cover punk, feminism, music, politics, work and everything else under the sun.

As part of our digitisation process, we’re slowly putting them online. We’re hoping those interested in zines, fanzines and the like will be able to enjoy what we have available. Although our zines can’t be borrowed, if you come to ACE where the SRL and Autonomous Archive are based, you can browse, read and photocopy any that pique your interest.

There’s a fascinating collection of ‘zine libraries’ online – all over the world in fact. Hopefully, by cataloguing our zines we can join that network and bring to light the unique ones we have here at ACE.

So far we’ve managed to scan the covers of six zines and a sample page from inside each. More will be added as time goes on so please check our our gallery page regularly. Click on the image to take you there. Enjoy!