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The Scottish Radical Library is composed of a large collection of original, rare books and other materials regarding autonomous social movements, Anarchism, Marxism, feminism,  revolutionary movements against imperialism, colonialism and white supremacy.

You can now read collection policy and our donations information sheet if you are interested in helping developing our project and want to donate material relevant to our collection.

We advertise our meetings on the website ACE, where the SRL is based, to discuss and organise work connected with the running of the library, as well as to develop new projects, coordinate volunteers and discuss collaborations with external groups. Everyone is welcome to join and found out more. During this monthly session we provide an introduction to the archive and library and give some guidance to volunteers interested in supporting our activities.

Together with the library the collective also manages the Autonomous Archive which stores periodicals, fanzines, posters, documents and photographs covering the history of anarchist, libertarian groups and radical initiatives throughout Scotland, the UK and Internationally. This is intended as a resource for research, discussion and publication about the history that the archive covers.

If you’re interested in getting involved or just want to access the library, get in touch.

We ask that all people who attend read and abide by the following safer spaces policy: http://autonomous.org.uk/safer-spaces-policy/


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