You can find the Scottish Radical Library (and how to get there) at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE). The SRL lending library & Autonomous Archive is available during ACE opening hours. For occasions when ACE is open outside of normal hours, please check out the ACE website events page.

Contact us: email with any questions and queries you have.

Opening hours: The library can currently be accessed when ACE is open every Tuesday 12 to 3 pm and the last Thursday of the month 6 to 8 pm.

Membership: It’s free to join the SRL, all that’s required is a name, address and contact phone or email.

Loan period: books can be loaned for up to a month however this can be extended by a simple email (unless there’s a request for that particular item, you can extend your loan).

Returns: if you’re not able to get to ACE during opening hours, you can post your return through the letter box of the door shutter.