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Social Factory Presents, A Worker’s Inquiry By Angry Workers of the World

1 workers image. compressedjpgEdinburgh: Sunday 13th, Workshop 1.00-6.00pm,
Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE):
17 West Montgomery Pl, off Leith walk

Angry Workers of the World are a collective using class composition analysis and
Worker’s Inquiry methods in the logistics sector in West London. Class composition is a mode of analysis developed in the extra-parliamentary Italian autonomous movement during the 1960s and 1970s. The workers inquiry method was undertaken as a form of engaged ‘co-research’ bypassing normal hierarchical union structures and dissolving barriers between subject-researcher and object-researched; a technique for developing a closer analysis of worker’s struggles from the point of view of the workers themselves.
What role might this form of ‘co-research’ have in organising new forms of struggle and organisation in the workplace and broader community?
Angry Workers of the World are related to a group of workers / activists at the
forefront of composition and inquiry practice globally, including  collectives in India (Kamunist Kranti and Gurgaon Workers News), Wildcat (Germany), and
Mouvement Communiste (France).
They want to meet with like-minded groups and individuals across the UK and
will be visiting Glasgow on Saturday 12th and Edinburgh on Sunday 13th to
discuss class composition and workers inquiry as a method of political struggle
with local workers and activists.