Leith Festival of the Dead

Inspired by the recent untimely and tragic death of Jace C Thompson and numerous other creative friends. Festival of the Dead’ on the 18th and 19th of August 2018 in Leith. Basing itself loosely on the Mexican Day of the Dead, the idea is to celebrate the life of various friends and show case their work. This will be a celebration, and also an attempt to highlight the plight of Leith due to gentrification, which threaten the area so many of us have close ties to. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the 20+ years of activities of the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh in it`s current premises and it `s connection with working class creativity and communities in Leith.

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Zines from our collection

Many people don’t realise that the SRL has a large collection of zines in its collection. From amateur one off’s to more sophisticated, but still radical, serials they are a fascinating and exciting collection to have. They cover punk, feminism, music, politics, work and everything else under the sun.

As part of our digitisation process, we’re slowly putting them online. We’re hoping those interested in zines, fanzines and the like will be able to enjoy what we have available. Although our zines can’t be borrowed, if you come to ACE where the SRL and Autonomous Archive are based, you can browse, read and photocopy any that pique your interest. Continue reading Zines from our collection

New Donation from AK Press

SRL is delighted to announce a fresh batch of donations to our growing library. Last Thursday at our monthly open meeting we got a large donation from AK Press – one of the publishers here in Edinburgh we’re proud to support and recommend.

As you can see from the above photo, there’s a broad mix of subjects from the Anarchism of Jean Grave to the poverty and urbanisation witnessed in the London of the nineties.

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